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About Max

Before I could walk, I was taken into the wilderness and packed along on adventures across the globe. From my home in the mountains of Montana to now countless countries, and natural spaces across the globe, I have been witness to extraordinary moments, wildlife encounters, and interactions with so many people from vastly different walks of life. It was from these experiences that stemmed my drive to traverse the world as a story teller, capturing moments in motion and still photography as well as via pen and pad.

An early interest in journalism and documentary storytelling, and a close relationship with my environment have all shaped my perspective, and continue to inform my aesthetic as an artist. Photography is not an end in itself, it takes me to incredible places and shows me a view that I might have missed entirely were I not looking through the lens of my camera. I am intrigued by the intricate and unique worlds that each individual inhabits, and I strive to weave into each of my images and stories a static sense of time and place specific to that.

As a photographer, film maker and writer, I continue to travel to far reaches of the world, chase premier athletes and document stories of life as they unfold around me. The most rewarding part of my journey though has been the incredible people I have met along the way. I strive to always play a part in the world around me, and my camera allows me a unique perspective, and the impetus by which to capture it.

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